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Fungi: Deuteromycota


Trichophyton interdigidale (a.k.a. Athlete's Foot)

A. Species Name

  • Trichophyton interdigidale

B. Native Enviroment

  • On the bottom of people's feet thrives because of the warm moist skin caused by wearing socks and shoes all the time in our current society
  • It is imperfect becuase the perfect stage has not been found, and there is no sexual reproduction phase.
  • It can also be cuased by a lack of ventilation to the feet. This allows the gungus to grow far quicker and easier.
  • Athlete's Foot would effect other animals except that other animals have there feet ventilated all the time, which does not allow athlete's foot to occur as easily.
  • It is possile for barefoot humans to still develop Athlete's foot.

C. Characteristics of the Organism

  • It causes Athlete's Foot along with many other organisms including Epidermophyton floccosum, Microsporum, and the human disease (ugly toenail fungus)
  • Can be extremely resistant to many treatments depending on the form of the Athlete's foot
  • Not very contagious, but should be treated early to prevent its spread throughout the foot, if it spread it would be unpleasant.

D. Adaptations to the Environment

  • Trichophyta interdigidale is well adapted to its native enviroment becase it can easily infect a human foot.
  • There is also a very good chance that everyone will, at some point, get Athelet's foot
  • It is also very well adapted becuase it can resist many treatments very well, and is slowly evovling to be immune to all the treatments.
  • Therefore, more treatments must discovered all the time, to keep it from becoming untreatable.

E. Ecological and Medical Roles

  • Athlete's Foot plays one very important part medically, it provides many people with a rather paiful annoyance that was constantly have new drugs made to combat it.
  • Fortunatley, Athlete's Foot does not evovle fast enoough to prove any serious threat as on of the"Superbugs" that is immune to all antibiotics.
  • Even so, it is an annoyance to many people, and will probably an anoyance to everyone at some point.

F. A Picture or Sample of the Organism

Three Images of Trichophyton interdigidale

athfoot athfoot athfoot

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